A Successful Day!

July 15, 2015

Today’s meeting with Gavin went great. We discussed all the online marketing strategy plans that I have available and that I know that works. The plan is to build him a website and social media pages and make sure that people see them.

Building likes and favorites on social media pages ensures that everyone in your area can see your business pages and if they like your business they can share them with their friends. Once you build your pages and site, the first thing that I usually suggest doing is share them with your friends. While they may not need your services, they can build up the traffic to your sites and likes or favorites or follow your pages.

Also, you can have a contest on your pages requesting your friend share your page in exchange for a free gift or service then that is a cool way to get your friends and customers involved in getting the word out there about your business. So, we decided we were going to run two contests. Both on Facebook for the 100th like and 1000th like on the page. The 100th like will get merchandise and the 1000th like will get an hour of cleaning services at no cost to the winner.

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Sharpening Up A New Customers Offline Marketing Skills

I had a great meeting today with Gavin from the cleaning company. He is having great results with the first line of offline marketing with the pens and magnets. He’s built two new customers for himself in the past few days just with that line of marketing. Instead of moving on to online marketing this time around he wanted to think of a few more offline marketing strategies. Offline marketing strategies is getting the word of your business out there without using the internet.

Some strategies that I have used in the past and has worked nicely are t-shirts and magnets for your car as opposed to the traditional bumper sticker, because it’s removable. If your business is traveling around on people’s shirts and cars that is the best way to get the word out to a lot of people at once without using online marketing. So, we sat together and designed a two different t-shirts and three different bumper stickers.

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Learning New Things and Meeting New People

When it comes to looking to start a new business it can be tough, if you don’t pick the right business for you. I have another new client coming on board from London. The client’s name is Gavin. He’s having a hard time marketing his cleaning business. My job is to help him discover his business and market it. Discovering your business style is a tough job in the beginning. Once you do discover it, then you’re on the right track.

Sometimes cleaning businesses can be a tough sale. A lot of people want to do the cleaning themselves or hire someone they know to do it. So the ultimate goal in this situation would be to let your customers get to know the real you and what your business is about. Brand yourself and make it personal. Personal branding can be hard when you don’t know how to begin. The first rule is always get to know your competition. After you learn how they are getting their customers you can kind of learn from them. This way you can get to know what you want your potential customers to be like. Once you discover that you can brand your business accordingly.

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Different Forms Of Offline Marketing

June 9, 2015

Offline marketing is what Taylor-Supply specializes in. Marketing your business online has clearly taken over and has kind of pushed offline marketing to the side if you will. I firmly believe that online marketing in conjunction with offline marketing can give you a massive amount of business.

1st Form Of Offline Marketing

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Where To Start My Business?

June 3, 2015

Lots of people that come across this blog may have their own business or want to own their own business but maybe not sure if their niche fits their city. For example: If you are in Alaska an air conditioning business may n0t be the best idea. A good example is if you happen to live in Nevada and own a pool cleaning business because almost every apartment complex or home in Nevada has a pool.

So How Do I Know Where To Start My Biz?

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Have A New Person Coming On Board

Hey! So in some of my previous blogs, I have talked about how I am pretty much running the business by myself and with the business growing I’m popularity like it is, sometimes it can be pretty difficult to try and keep up with everything. To get things more organized and to stop from getting overwhelmed, I have decided to bring another person on board to help me out with a few things.

Who Did I Bring In?

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A Question That You Are All Probably Wondering

If you have been following the blogs, I have told you the history of Taylor – Supply and how far the company has come from being a very small business to becoming a pretty nice size business. One thing I have not mentioned yet is how much I charge for specific items and what kind of special discount bundles I have.

I decided not to charge really high for my items because I want more business. Sometimes when it comes to owning your own business in the beginning you have to charge a lower price because you want more customers and you want to give yourself a chance to build up a customer base and some referrals first before you start charging really high prices.

Why Charging Too Low Of A Price Can Hurt You

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How I Started My Business

May 15, 2015

I started my business from nothing at all. It started from just a thought…a simple idea about what I wanted to do. When I was getting my degree I thought about what I could do to get my business started, even though it did not work out that way at all. I actually had to start out getting a regular job that was pretty okay because it had something to do with what I liked, but I had to work that job extremely hard to be able to save up and afford my own building.

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Looking To Hire Someone Soon

Business has been booming lately, and I am going to need someone to help me out with things. I have tons of orders coming through and I don’t want to overwhelm myself, but I’m not sure who I will hire yet. I am also thinking of expanding so I can have 2 locations.

How To Hire Someone

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