July 15, 2015

The cleaning business that I have been working with, out of London, is Kudu Services. The name is great and it is a great business to work with. Gavin is easy going and very open to all of my marketing ideas. We had a meeting this morning to go over how well both offline and online marketing were going. He reached his 1000th like three days after starting his contest and he has already given his free gift to the winner.


The result of the free gift was an on going customer, which is what the ultimate goal was. The winner was the owner of a small office inside of a larger office building. The winner loved the results so much and shared it with the whole office building as well. This resulted in one new client within the building as well. Gavin decided to give her two more hours of free cleaning for the referral, which I thought was a great idea. I told him referrals gifts were a great way to get his customers involved in recruiting new business.


Now, that we pretty much have the word out there about the business we have decided not to do as much offline marketing for now. We are just going to stick to online marketing and getting more traffic to his actual website. I have a plan in place that will get his page to the top of Google search results for his area and when someone is searching for office cleaning London, Kudu Services will be the number one search result. This plan should take around a month to

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Interesting How We Picked Up This New Client

June 3, 2015

Today was a rather interesting and fulfilling day. Not only because of receiving new clients but because of how I am receiving them. It muse re-assures me that I made the right decision for my business.

We have a new client today coming from California who needs some of our services and this client is pretty different from the rest that we have had. This client owns a rafting business and is looking for some promotional materials from us that have to be custom made. This was a pretty big order.

How We Fulfilled The Order

So the reason this client happens to be a little special for me is because in how we brought this client aboard. Remember in my other blog where I told you I hired someone to help me out with the customer service side of the business? Well that paid off big time. The rafting company contacted us via live chat through the website and their questions and we wound up getting one of our biggest orders to date. Not so much big in products but big in price.

Some rafting  material needed to be made from scratch. I have never designed life jackets with logos on it but thats what I did for this order. I designed a yellow and blue life jacket with the words knights ferry rafting in the left hand corner, because that is the name of the business.

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Another Special Order

May 16, 2015

So today, we have another special order coming all the way from Florida. There is a business owner by the name of Michael who needs our help because he is trying to promote his Inspection Company but he feels like he is not branding himself too well. So I came up with an idea for me to let me make him Shirts and Pens since he already has business cards.

How I Did It

Once he told me everything I got started on making the design for his t-shirt. Since he was an inspector I decided to put a small man on the front of the shirt with a magnify glass that was shaped like a D, and then that spelled out the name Direct Inspections and I made the shirts in Blue and Orange.

He also wanted his website on the back which I believed to be a very smart idea just in case anyone needed his services and had a smart phone, they could look up the website right away.

I went ahead and also started making him some awesome orange and blue gel pens. I made about 400 pens and 100 T-shirts. I started designing it on my mac and uploaded the design to printer and then put the shirt there and it prints it right out. i have a machine for my pens as well.

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Setting Up For A Company

May 12, 2015

So a company has reached out to me in need of some T-shirts, pens and business cards. A company by the name of Road Runner Moving in Ohio, is in need of my help.

Visit  to check out their site and special deals. they offer awesome rates.

Getting Started

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