Learning New Things and Meeting New People

July 15, 2015

When it comes to looking to start a new business it can be tough, if you don’t pick the right business for you. I have another new client coming on board from London. The client’s name is Gavin. He’s having a hard time marketing his cleaning business. My job is to help him discover his business and market it. Discovering your business style is a tough job in the beginning. Once you do discover it, then you’re on the right track.

Sometimes cleaning businesses can be a tough sale. A lot of people want to do the cleaning themselves or hire someone they know to do it. So the ultimate goal in this situation would be to let your customers get to know the real you and what your business is about. Brand yourself and make it personal. Personal branding can be hard when you don’t know how to begin. The first rule is always get to know your competition. After you learn how they are getting their customers you can kind of learn from them. This way you can get to know what you want your potential customers to be like. Once you discover that you can brand your business accordingly.

Always live your brand and be your brand. Your customers will remember you better as long as you keep the same style and it’s eye catching. Once you have your branding style you can decide on a marketing plan. We’ve decided to come up with some custom magnets and pens to pass out to local office buildings to get the word out about his business to start with. Hopefully, this will draw in more customers passing the word along by word of mouth in the beginning. During our next meeting we are going to discuss more in depth marketing strategies.

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