July 15, 2015

The cleaning business that I have been working with, out of London, is Kudu Services. The name is great and it is a great business to work with. Gavin is easy going and very open to all of my marketing ideas. We had a meeting this morning to go over how well both offline and online marketing were going. He reached his 1000th like three days after starting his contest and he has already given his free gift to the winner.


The result of the free gift was an on going customer, which is what the ultimate goal was. The winner was the owner of a small office inside of a larger office building. The winner loved the results so much and shared it with the whole office building as well. This resulted in one new client within the building as well. Gavin decided to give her two more hours of free cleaning for the referral, which I thought was a great idea. I told him referrals gifts were a great way to get his customers involved in recruiting new business.


Now, that we pretty much have the word out there about the business we have decided not to do as much offline marketing for now. We are just going to stick to online marketing and getting more traffic to his actual website. I have a plan in place that will get his page to the top of Google search results for his area and when someone is searching for office cleaning London, Kudu Services will be the number one search result. This plan should take around a month to

accomplish and we are planning to meet again after this happens. Until then, I told him his ultimate goal was to keep his customers happy so that he can achieve some great reviews on his website and social media sites. This will help build more customers in itself. Happy customers equals a healthy prospering business!

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