A Successful Day!

July 15, 2015

Today’s meeting with Gavin went great. We discussed all the online marketing strategy plans that I have available and that I know that works. The plan is to build him a website and social media pages and make sure that people see them.

Building likes and favorites on social media pages ensures that everyone in your area can see your business pages and if they like your business they can share them with their friends. Once you build your pages and site, the first thing that I usually suggest doing is share them with your friends. While they may not need your services, they can build up the traffic to your sites and likes or favorites or follow your pages.

Also, you can have a contest on your pages requesting your friend share your page in exchange for a free gift or service then that is a cool way to get your friends and customers involved in getting the word out there about your business. So, we decided we were going to run two contests. Both on Facebook for the 100th like and 1000th like on the page. The 100th like will get merchandise and the 1000th like will get an hour of cleaning services at no cost to the winner.

We started the contest right away after building the profiles. Within the first hour we hit the first goal and had a winner. We decided since it happened so fast we’d do all four things we have created – shirt, pen, magnet and car magnet. The cool thing about it is that it wasn’t one of his friends that won so it was someone totally random that one of his friends got to like the page. This is what we were hoping to achieve. Today was a real success!

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