Where To Start My Business?

June 3, 2015

Lots of people that come across this blog may have their own business or want to own their own business but maybe not sure if their niche fits their city. For example: If you are in Alaska an air conditioning business may n0t be the best idea. A good example is if you happen to live in Nevada and own a pool cleaning business because almost every apartment complex or home in Nevada has a pool.

So How Do I Know Where To Start My Biz?

The first thing you should do is some research. See if the business you are starting would be of good service to your city or not. After you find that out you can then proceed to take the necessary steps it takes to open up your new business. If you find out you do not live in a city that is the best for your product or service the best thing to do would be to try and relocate. Not to a totally different state but just a new city if you can.

If you can, just try and relocate your business to a different city while you stay in your current city if you are worried about moving too far away, but from what I have seen almost every city needs a ton of service or products.

The One Step Solution

Okay, so there is 1 solution to all of this. Where you can open up any business you want anywhere and be able t0 service anybody that needs your product or service no matter what. What is it you ask? Its called ONLINE. No matter what business you open up or where you will be able to service your clients via online orders.

Of course this will not work in all cases because local businesses do need to serve local clients, but if you have a product there are no limitations with where you can go. Taylor-supply is a local and online business. I can service local business owners while being able to serve someone in anther country.

In Conclusion

If you are opening up a local business i suggest moving to a town where there is a need for your product or service. If you only have a product you are serving people I highly suggest taking it online and servicing people globally, instead of just locally. This a guaranteed way to reach more people faster and to be able to bring in profits a lot quicker.

Thanks for reading. You can always contact me to ask any questions and if you like this post please be sure to share it with someone.

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