Have A New Person Coming On Board

June 3, 2015

Hey! So in some of my previous blogs, I have talked about how I am pretty much running the business by myself and with the business growing I’m popularity like it is, sometimes it can be pretty difficult to try and keep up with everything. To get things more organized and to stop from getting overwhelmed, I have decided to bring another person on board to help me out with a few things.

Who Did I Bring In?

I actually put an ad on the internet about me looking for a new customer service agent and got a ton of replies. Not everyone was qualified but there were lots of people who were. I had also put a small flyer on the window of my business, and I had a inquire about that, we did an interview and I totally wound up hiring him. I hired him for a few reasons.

He has an extensive background in customer service, he is technically savvy, and from what I can tell he is a very hard worker who is looking for a new opportunity to expand his resume and make more money. The reason I hired him is because he was very persistent in getting this job. He contacted me at least 3 times before I gave him an interview, and that really said something to me. It showed me that he really wanted the job.

The Reason It Took Me Forever To Hire Someone

I have been in business for well over a year with no one helping me and the reason for that is because I did not want to have to keep track of what I owed someone and I thought that this would result in less profits for the business but I was wrong. I found out the more you invest into your business, the more it will invest in you.

By hiring my new partner I was able to integrate a live chat option into my main site which surprisingly has boosted sales about 150% so far. That is enough to keep profits coming in for the business and my new partner. I think sales have increased like this because people do not have to wait for me to get back to them, all they have to do is do a live chat and get all of their questions answered on the spot.

How Do I Keep Track Of Hours

To make things go a lot smoother as far as tracking hours I have decided to invest in a system that allows a worker to clock in and clock out digitally and it will add up all of the hours that person did and depending on how much they get paid per hour it will give me an accurate figure of what I owe them and all I have to do is print out the check or of they have direct deposit send it right to there bank account.


So one of the biggest objections I gave myself for me owning my own business was Taxes. I did not know anything about taxes or how to go about it if you are starting your own business. I actually hired an accountant to help me with that side of the business and I also use a product called Turbotax, which kind of allows you to file taxes for yourself and its very easy and simple to do yourself.

Hiring someone was lots of work, but it was not at all bad as I thought it would be. With a little bit of extra work I got it done and have now been able to increase my sales more than I ever have, so the point I am making in this post is, do not ever be afraid or be too lazy to take your business to the next level, not only are you helping yourself but you are creating opportunities for others as well.

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