Different Forms Of Offline Marketing

June 9, 2015

Offline marketing is what Taylor-Supply specializes in. Marketing your business online has clearly taken over and has kind of pushed offline marketing to the side if you will. I firmly believe that online marketing in conjunction with offline marketing can give you a massive amount of business.

1st Form Of Offline Marketing

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Interesting How We Picked Up This New Client

June 3, 2015

Today was a rather interesting and fulfilling day. Not only because of receiving new clients but because of how I am receiving them. It muse re-assures me that I made the right decision for my business.

We have a new client today coming from California who needs some of our services and this client is pretty different from the rest that we have had. This client owns a rafting business and is looking for some promotional materials from us that have to be custom made. This was a pretty big order.

How We Fulfilled The Order

So the reason this client happens to be a little special for me is because in how we brought this client aboard. Remember in my other blog where I told you I hired someone to help me out with the customer service side of the business? Well that paid off big time. The rafting company contacted us via live chat through the website and their questions and we wound up getting one of our biggest orders to date. Not so much big in products but big in price.

Some rafting  material needed to be made from scratch. I have never designed life jackets with logos on it but thats what I did for this order. I designed a yellow and blue life jacket with the words knights ferry rafting in the left hand corner, because that is the name of the business.

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Where To Start My Business?

Lots of people that come across this blog may have their own business or want to own their own business but maybe not sure if their niche fits their city. For example: If you are in Alaska an air conditioning business may n0t be the best idea. A good example is if you happen to live in Nevada and own a pool cleaning business because almost every apartment complex or home in Nevada has a pool.

So How Do I Know Where To Start My Biz?

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Have A New Person Coming On Board

Hey! So in some of my previous blogs, I have talked about how I am pretty much running the business by myself and with the business growing I’m popularity like it is, sometimes it can be pretty difficult to try and keep up with everything. To get things more organized and to stop from getting overwhelmed, I have decided to bring another person on board to help me out with a few things.

Who Did I Bring In?

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A Question That You Are All Probably Wondering

If you have been following the blogs, I have told you the history of Taylor – Supply and how far the company has come from being a very small business to becoming a pretty nice size business. One thing I have not mentioned yet is how much I charge for specific items and what kind of special discount bundles I have.

I decided not to charge really high for my items because I want more business. Sometimes when it comes to owning your own business in the beginning you have to charge a lower price because you want more customers and you want to give yourself a chance to build up a customer base and some referrals first before you start charging really high prices.

Why Charging Too Low Of A Price Can Hurt You

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