Setting Up For A Company

May 12, 2015

So a company has reached out to me in need of some T-shirts, pens and business cards. A company by the name of Road Runner Moving in Ohio, is in need of my help.

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Getting Started

So with this type of business you really want to brand yourself. While you are on a moving job you can have T-shirts on and if you do a good job people will recommend you to others and it look a whole lot more professional if you have logo T-shirts. They don’t all have to be one color, but you want them to look neat and presentable, people will take you more seriously.

I got started working on the t-shirts when I got a feel for what sort of designed he wanted, I laid it out on my mac and then took it to the printer to print out the design. He needed about 250 T-shirts so that took about 2 hours to do. This was a rather small order, so that made things easier.

Business Cards

When I come up with the design for business cards I really take my time and come up with something that I would use for my business. I made the front of his business card look like an I phone which was pretty cool. Lots of people say business cards don’t work anymore but that depends on the way you use them and how they look. His business card catches the eye and it’s very appealing. So I believe that he will get great business from those.


I made the pens match the T-shirts, and made them in a very cool design. The point of items like this is to get people to want to grab it and take it with them. Even though they don’t know, every time they use that pen they are seeing you info so when someone ask them do they know a good towing company or if they ever need one 99% of the time they will be calling you because you are embedded in their mind.

In Conclusion

I finished up all of the T-shirts and pens ad business cards and they look awesome! If you are looking t get t-shirts, hoodies, jackets,pens,car banners, business cards or anything please contact me. Thanks for reading!

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