May 9, 2015

At Taylor Supply I do a number of different things when it comes to branding. Companies come to me when they need to brand their business in a better way. I offer a service somewhat like vistaprint, but my arsenal is a little bigger and I offer more clothing.

What I Offer at Taylor Supply

You need lots of things when promoting your business. Here is a list of what I offer:

  1. T-Shirts

I design T-shirts of all sizes. You can choose to put logos on the sleeve or on the front or back of the shirt. You can customize any way you want. You can come up with the logo or I will come up with it. We have T-shirts in every color.

2. Hoodies

Hoodies can be designed with any style or any color. You can choose to have a short sleeve hoody. We also have the option of an overhead hoody or a zip up hoody.

3. Sweatpants

Not many companies offer this but at taylor supply you can get sweatpants designed in any way you want in any color.

4. Business Cards

I design some of the best looking business cards in the known universe. My style of business cards are sleek and captures the eye.

5. Pens

I also make pens with business names on it. I can design regular pens or gel pens as well.

6. Car Stickers

Using car stickers is a smart way to market your business. I have created some amazing car stickers that have actually gotten people more business and sales.

When it comes to branding I am a pro and can brand anything you can think of in a timely manner. I build and design logos for businesses too.

I am Global

When I first started the business I was very local. I had no website or anything. I only serviced local businesses in my area but as money started coming in i decided to start servicing all states and as other states started buying from me I decided to take this company global. Right now it is just me but I am planning on hiring someone very soon.

I plan to have this business running for a long time and possibly build other businesses from it. If you are looking for some awesome branding you can message me and I will get back to you.

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