Another Special Order

May 16, 2015

So today, we have another special order coming all the way from Florida. There is a business owner by the name of Michael who needs our help because he is trying to promote his Inspection Company but he feels like he is not branding himself too well. So I came up with an idea for me to let me make him Shirts and Pens since he already has business cards.

How I Did It

Once he told me everything I got started on making the design for his t-shirt. Since he was an inspector I decided to put a small man on the front of the shirt with a magnify glass that was shaped like a D, and then that spelled out the name Direct Inspections and I made the shirts in Blue and Orange.

He also wanted his website on the back which I believed to be a very smart idea just in case anyone needed his services and had a smart phone, they could look up the website right away.

I went ahead and also started making him some awesome orange and blue gel pens. I made about 400 pens and 100 T-shirts. I started designing it on my mac and uploaded the design to printer and then put the shirt there and it prints it right out. i have a machine for my pens as well.

Shipping Process

Michael is in Florida so thats a long ways away. So what I do is pack up and plastic wrap all of his shirts and pack up his pens in a separate box but smaller and place it in the bigger box and get ups to go ahead and ship it off 1st class so it can get there as fast as possible.

Maybe about 2 or 3 days later Michael received the shirt and pens and he loves them. The colors really grab your attention when you see them and that was the whole goal. Making branding items uses a lot of psychology. You have to say things to make people want to purchase your items, product or service. I do not have a degree in psychology but I learned tons about it from my own experience and from going to school those 2 years.

I do the psychology thing when I am making stuff but even more than that I think about what would make me buy something. People are more alike than we think. Sometimes you just have to go off of your own instinct. Thats how to run a biz.

Thanks for reading! Until Next Time!

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